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On the one-month anniversary of the worst and most brazen smash and grab robbery in Manhattan Beach history, a sample survey of 25,400 weekly readers assigned an overall “D” grade to the city for increasing its police presence downtown area post-attack. Many of the readers who were merchants in the downtown area said that they had seen no improvement whatsoever in police presence after the attack. “It’s quite stunning to think that after that brazen robbery, you still see virtually no police downtown on nights and weekends,” said one prominent restaurant owner in the downtown area.

Relive the smash & grab video of only about a month ago.

Manhattan Beach Gets New, Outsider Police Chief Rachel Johnson:

The city of Manhattan Beach has announced the selection of Rachel Johnson, an outsider to the Department, as its new Chief of Police. According to a statement from the city, Johnson brings significant experience and achievements to the Manhattan Beach Police Department, including over 21 years of law enforcement experience. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Police Chief for the City of Manhattan Beach,” said Johnson in a statement. “I look forward to working together with the Police Department’s sworn and professional staff, City leaders, and the community to continue the Manhattan Beach Police Department’s legacy of excellent service, with a focus on crime prevention, quality of life, and fostering relationships. I’m delighted to work in such a vibrant and engaged community, and to work together to keep our City safe.”

According to her bio, Johnson is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and served from 1997 to 2001 as an Air Control Electronics Operator. During her military service, she was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa, Japan, and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. In 2001, Johnson began her career in law enforcement at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department before lateralling to the Newport Beach Police Department in 2005. During her tenure in Newport Beach, Johnson worked a wide variety of assignments. She served as a field training officer until 2012 when she was promoted to sergeant, supervising the traffic division, special events, and major accident investigations. In 2017, she was promoted to lieutenant, overseeing jail operations, the mounted unit, and the explorer program.

“We look forward to welcoming Chief Johnson, and supporting her in serving the Manhattan Beach community that we all love,” said Manhattan Beach Police Officers’ Association President Dan Brandt. Johnson was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is an avid runner, hiker, and cyclist. In her free time, Johnson enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering for the First Battalion, First Marines Foundation, and Leadership Tomorrow, Orange County.

Johnson’s first day on the job will be Monday, August 8. She will succeed Police Chief Derrick Abell, who retired in December 2021 and has been serving as Interim Police Chief during the executive search. The city will host a special swearing-in ceremony and reception for Johnson on Wednesday, August 17, at 4:30 p.m. in the Civic Center Plaza outside the Manhattan Beach Police Department.

CA Supreme Court Rejects Prohibition On Short-Term Rentals In Manhattan Beach:

When the California Supreme Court declined to take up the issue last month, the City of Manhattan Beach’s protracted legal battle to defend its prohibition on short-term rentals in areas close to the beach suffered its third and last setback.

Outside the city’s coastline zone, the City Council’s 2019 short-term rental restriction will still be in effect. The City, however, will no longer be able to enforce the ban in its coastal zone, which encompasses all of El Porto, North Manhattan along Vista and everything to the west of it, the central region of the city along Ardmore and west, and from 10th Street all the way along Highland to the border with Hermosa Beach.


Manhattan Beach philanthropist Suzanne Karger at a Chamber of Commerce Mixer in Manhattan Beach.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Waldo


Were you born in the summer?
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Can you make yourself disappear?
Were you on Survivor last year?
Do you know the Schrödinger equation of quantum theory?
Do mice really eat cheese?
Is your shoe size 14?

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** Skechers USA Inc. (SKX) on Tuesday reported a second-quarter profit of $90.4 million. The Manhattan Beach, California-based company said it had net income of 58 cents per share. The results beat Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of six analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of 54 cents per share. The shoe company posted revenue of $1.87 billion in the period, also exceeding Street forecasts. Five analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $1.77 billion.

** Traliant, an innovator in online compliance training, today announced that Maria D’Avanzo has joined its leadership team as Chief Evangelist Officer. She brings over 15 years’ experience in creating ethics and compliance programs and enhancing the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity at global organizations. In this newly created position, D’Avanzo will report directly to CEO John Arendes.

** The City of La Verne successfully closed a privately placed lease financing that provides the first financing to an Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD). Kosmont Transactions Services of Manhattan Beach served as Municipal Advisor to the City. Kosmont Companies assisted the City with formation of the EIFD.


Chopped Salad at Slay’s Italian Kitchen … Chickpeas, Salami, Pepperoncini, House Vinaigrette.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Hildy Stern

City Councilwoman


Manhattan Beach Warrant Led To Arrest Of Undocumented Member Of An Organized Crime Group For Attempting Illegal Entry:

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested an undocumented individual who identified as a member of a South American Theft Group, the afternoon of Sunday, July 24, according to a press release. Agents assigned to the Calexico station encountered 19 individuals making an illegal entry into the United States. The group was apprehended in Calexico, near the U.S./Mexico border, at approximately 12:50 p.m. Agents determined that the 13 Peruvian nationals, five Columbian nationals and one Chilean national, were without the legal status to be present in the U.S. All 19 individuals were arrested and transported to the El Centro Sector Processing Center for further medical evaluation. Record checks revealed that one of the individuals, a 60-year-old Chilean national, was involved with a South American Theft Group. Record checks also revealed that this individual had two active warrants, one from Ventura County for a probation violation and the other warrant from Manhattan Beach, for Larceny Grand Theft.


Kelly Giese of Mira Costa is a tennis player who finished second at Ojai.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Bruce Moe

Manhattan Beach City Manager

As City Manager, he was appointed by the City Council to oversee the daily operations of our city, implement the policies adopted by City Council and provide leadership and direction to our City staff. His goal is to maintain the highest possible level of service to all who live, work and play in our lovely beachside community.


MBUSD Approves Proposal For LGBTQ+ Professional Development, But Warns Of Backlash:

A $8,400 professional development program to foster safe spaces for LGBTQ+ children was overwhelmingly authorized by the Manhattan Beach school board, who also denounced a backlash of disparaging remarks on the subject. The program entails employing a consultant to work with district and site officials, high school teachers, and middle school teachers for a half-day each during the 2022 – 2023 academic year to deliver training “to promote safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ+ kids.”

Two weeks ago, the School Board received 24 letters from the residents, several asking the Board to not go in this direction. The letters were met by comments from some Board members, accusing residents of hateful speech. They were not. Many feel opposing LGBTQ training of teachers and staff in our schools is NOT opposing the LGBTQ community.

Question: Since the School Board approved this training, what age and grade should this be limited to? Do you approve or disapprove of this proposal?

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Robert Maynez at Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach.

Damage From A Two-Alarm Fire Overnight On Manhattan Beach:

The Manhattan Beach Fire Department reports that a pet dog perished in a two-alarm fire that broke out early on Saturday morning at a multi-family building in Manhattan Beach. The department responded to a call at 1:00 in the morning, said Tim O’Brien, the acting battalion head on the site, about a building fire at 116 9th Street, a multi-family house. The crew arrived to see flames pouring from the second and third stories. Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, and Los Angeles agencies responded when MBFD raised a second alert. In total, the scene included eight fire engines, two fire vehicles, and two paramedic rescues.

The Faces of Manhattan Beach
Meet Melissa Charlton


Firefighters from Manhattan Beach practice on rooftops in the City.

By Darcy Winston

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

Come rain or shine, there isn’t a time when there isn’t a long line of ice cream enthusiasts of all ages waiting to get their mouths around the DELICIOUS ice cream at Handel’s. With fun and quirky flavors such as Graham Central Station, Buckeye, and Salty Caramel Truffle, who could blame them? If you’re more of an ice cream flavor puritan, they have more traditional flavors to choose from as well, such as Butter Pecan, Pistachio that is FILLED with crunchy nuts, and Mint Chocolate Chip that will help clear your sinuses. Also included on their menu are nostalgic favorites like malts, banana splits, and decadent ice cream sandwiches. Do yourself a favor … GO!

Food: A  •  Service: B  •  Value: A


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Clarity Zero-Proof Lounge, Up & Coming Alcohol-Free Cocktail Lounge, Launched Its First Solo Event In The Southbay:

Clarity Zero-Proof Lounge hosted its inaugural pop-up event on July 2, 2022, at the luxury boutique hotel, Shade Manhattan Beach, where Kate Danaj, founder of Clarity Lounge introduced her guests to a delicious array of sophisticated alcohol-free libations, which have come a long way from the limited options typically available to non-drinkers.

Kate noted, “We had a mix of guests from across the spectrum – some who never drink alcohol, some who are cutting back, and some who drink but were curious about what we’re up to.” She added, “So many of our guests remarked that these drinks were even better than they imagined – and enjoyed the opportunity to meet and mingle without worrying about getting behind the wheel or waking up feeling like they had one too many.”



Where was this historical photo of Manhattan Beach taken?

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The Manhattan Beach Farmers Market held its 16th-anniversary celebration on Tuesday, July 12, with various special festivities and a blood drive.


“After spending the winter romanticizing good weather in Manhattan Beach, the moment has arrived.”


1. ** I noticed the street sweeper come by this morning, and then after, the new outsourced meter maids came through issuing tickets. This is outside of the norm as they normally precede the street sweeper. —- Tom Williams, Manhattan Beach

2. ** Dead cat on Flournoy in between 26th and 25th street. It’s a grey cat with almost like darker stripes on its arms and has a purple-ish collar. 2310-2320 Flournoy Road, Manhattan Beach. —- Kate Klawin, Manhattan Beach

3. ** Last night I went to downtown Manhattan Beach. I was heartbroken to see the Pasha jewelry, the store that had been robbed several weeks ago, was closed at night. They always used to be open at night with a kind of party atmosphere, … So sad! —- Allison S., Manhattan Beach

4. ** “You gotta respect everyone’s beliefs.” No, you don’t. That’s what got us in trouble. Look, you have to acknowledge everyone’s beliefs, and then you have to reserve the right to go; that’s f–kin’ stupid. Are you kidding me? —- Sarah Garcia, Manhattan Beach

5. ** Do you actually think that all the people in line can’t afford to feed their children? Some people, if you give them something for nothing, will take it. This may sound cynical, but it’s true. Please look at the line and let me know if anyone looks undernourished. —- Lewis Thomashow, Manhattan Beach

6. ** Let’s be honest. We live in a region where Starbucks has to close multiple stores because they say these stores are too unsafe to operate. —- Kerri Z., Manhattan Beach

7. ** I am a resident of Manhattan Beach who volunteers with our local CERT (community emergency response team) under the direction of the MBFD for about 8 years now. I completely support our MBFD and have sent several emails to our city council asking specific questions to our council members to understand the statements they are giving regarding their MBFD contract negotiations. —- Kristy Jones, Manhattan Beach, Member, MB Strong

8. ** The Manhattan Beach Fire Department has suffered for many years under poor management. Manhattan Beach Firefighters are good people who are committed to a high level of service to the Manhattan Beach Community. They deserve Fairness in negotiations, wages, and working conditions. —- Randy Leaf, Manhattan Beach Police Captain, Retired in 2010 after 31 years with MBPD, Member, MB Strong

9. ** Hey, idiot – arguing online is a form of combat with many sad, angry folks. —- Stephanie P., Manhattan Beach

10. ** Did it ever occur to you that cannibals watch [autopsies] like we watch food shows. —- Lancey C., age 17, Manhattan Beach

11. ** Like the majority of America’s educational and media institutions, PBS has changed. It’s not the same network that many Americans grew up with. We urge you to protect your children from the woke agenda that has infiltrated this government-funded behemoth. —- Mr. and Ms. Collopy, Manhattan Beach

12. ** According to Morning Consult, 48% of baseball fans support using “robot umpires.” If approved for 2024, calls will be relayed to umps through an earpiece – meaning the aggressive “STEE-RIKE” isn’t going anywhere. —- Walt D., Manhattan Beach

13. ** I love Slay’s Italian Kitchen. —- Mallory M., Manhattan Beach

14. ** Hey, folks – just a heads-up that at least one of the parking meters in MB is shorting people on the time they’ve paid for. This morning we parked at a meter on Highland near 8th, put in a credit card, paid for the 2 allowed hours, and waited to confirm that it was approved. An hour and 36 minutes later, we came back and the meter was flashing red. No ticket, luckily, but I guess from now on we’ll be taking a photo of the meter before we leave it so we can fight the ticket if we do get one. —- Patty H., Hermosa Beach

15. ** I love the new burgers at Urban Plates. —- Paul M., Manhattan Beach

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